VegRadio#24 – the ambient campfire freakout

FRIDAY, 29th MAY 2015
7pm (CET)

First of all, thanks to all the people who came to Eschschloraque the other week, we had a lot of fun!

We all know you waited patiently, but the boring waiting time is over TODAY, it is time for VegRadio numero 24 – the ambient campfire freakout: VegLords Eurotechnik and Zandermensch take an outdoor voyage through psychedelic campfire bliss featuring oldies from Bruce Haack and Jean Jaques Perrey right through to new tunes from Jimi Tenor, Cylob and Global Goon. Gather round the campfire and join in the search for a Various Vegetables Intern with funkadelic chillwave birdspotting nature voyage deluxe vibes bro. Che Cazzissimo

In the meantime you can also listen to all of our past shows at Mixcloud:

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